Young Toddlers (18-24 months)



This time in a child’s life is a unique and special one. They are at the stage where their learning accelerates, vocabulary spurts and they become very interested in classroom activities. They are transitioning from being a baby into toddlerhood. Two-year-olds are full of energy and enthusiasm. They have a new-found autonomy that they want to explore and exert whenever possible.

Our role as educators and parents is to help children focus their energy and assist them when learning new skills, always supporting their sense of will and self-worth. At this age, every activity is rich with learning opportunities. Our toddler program consists of helping children improve their emergent language and cognitive capacities, refining their fine motor skills and strengthening their gross motor skills. This is achieved by presenting fun, challenging, and attainable tasks for children. We strive to provide the tools and knowledge necessary for children to discover new things, explore the world around them and to genuinely love the learning process.

It is at this formative age that we begin helping children understand what behaviours are socially acceptable. We also introduce and try to help children understand important concepts such as time (ex: nap time, activity time) property (ex: mine, yours, ours), and even more complex concepts such as categorization (ex: grouping, sorting). Encouraging children to solve problems they encounter throughout the day give them more meaningful learning opportunities which support their cognitive development.

youngtoddlers1Language skills will be practiced through reading, singing songs, circle time discussions and everyday interactions. At Bonne Aventure physical activity is an integral part of our curriculum for all ages With our large open-concept loft and large outdoor play space, the children can jump, skip, run, walk, spin and hop to their hearts content!

An important achievement for children at this age is the transition from diapers to using the toilet. At Bonne Aventure we believe it is important to acknowledge children’s signs of readiness before introducing strategies to encourage toilet training. We believe it is important to work together as educators and parents to assist children during this learning acquisition.

Our educators are supportive, caring and understanding to children’s level of development and individually work with each child so they can reach their fullest potential.