Toddlers (2-3 years)



Children entering this age group take a more hands-on approach to learning. Their sense of autonomy is well-developed and they become better at communicating their likes, dislikes as well as their preferences for activities. This major feat should not go unnoticed; rather children should be encouraged to make appropriate choices. Children’s independence is fostered through daily routines, including feeding and dressing themselves. Our comprehensive curriculum presents children with learning opportunities that encompass every aspect of their lives. Simply counting the number of children in the class promotes early learning in mathematics. Putting toys away in their proper place creates a clean and organized environment, and also promotes child’s ability to classify and categorize objects. Sharing objects, ideas, and thoughts encourages valued social and emotional skills.

toddlers1Educators promote self-confidence by providing praise for successful completion of tasks and encouragement when children encounter difficulties. Our learning objectives are carefully designed to be age-appropriate, setting children up to succeed and reinforce their feelings of self-confidence. Teachers scaffold activities so that children are able to apply their already-mastered skills to more challenging learning activities.

Another important milestone at this age is an increasing level of concentration. Children become able to focus for longer periods of time and benefit from structured activities (ex: story time & puzzles), as well as non-structured activities (ex: dramatic play & block building).

Your child’s developmental strides will allow our educators to introduce more abstract ideas and principles. They will provide links to concepts and help children make cognitive connections which support their understanding of the world around them.