Senior Preschool (4-5 years)



By this time, children are well-versed with the everyday preschool routine. They now become able to anticipate activity periods and benefit from opportunities to lead a group and help set up activities. Children are encouraged to take a leadership role and are also taught how to follow directions and work together in groups. Fostering strong communication skills is central to children’s social development.

One of our main objectives with this group is to promote skills necessary to succeed in elementary school. An emphasis is placed on early literacy and mathematical reasoning. This is achieved by reading to children, as well as helping them learn to write and identify letters, write their name, and recognize words. At the same time, activities such as building with blocks, engaging in pretend play, and art are invaluable means for developing these skills. The emphasis is on children’s active involvement in their learning rather than stencil work and formal lessons. As children progress, the curricular activities become more and more challenging to ensure that children are always interested.

seniorpreschoolIt is at this time that we start helping them learn to write and identify words. As the learning of this new skill progresses, the learning activities will become more challenging and more advanced so that by the end, the children’s writing skills will be more refined, and hopefully by the age of 5, perfected.

Play and art are extremely valuable and important experiences for children. Now that they have learned to regulate their emotions, it is important for them to have an active outlet for them, and for their expanding imaginations. Whether they’re painting what they did that weekend, or acting out a scene in an airplane, letting them use these methods of expressing themselves is both beneficial and enriching.

Our educators are there to help your child build the self-confidence needed to “learn how to learn”, and be ready to undertake anything that comes their way. We are in a partnership with parents, and encourage them to talk with us and to share ideas and thoughts about their child’s learning and development. Children at this age need a lot of support, encouragement and respect from the people around them. We are helping to shape the future leaders of tomorrow, and we are proud to be a part of this “Bonne Aventure”!