Our Space – A Unique Learning Environment



Our facilities offer children large, bright, open-concept play spaces. The functionality of our space allows educators and children to engage in a wide range of activities. Some areas have been designed to optimize specific areas of children’s development. Our preschool includes: 8 classrooms, an art studio, the Loft, a complete kitchen and lunch room, and two rooftop play spaces. Every group of children has scheduled times to use each activity room throughout the day. Children are taught to respect their environment inside and out; teachers convey the value of taking care of their classroom and its contents as well as respecting their environment.


Art Studio



Art is essential to children’s global development. We believe it is important at all ages, as it offers them an outlet to express their creativity and individuality. Our extensive selection of materials enables the children to bring their ideas to life and lets their imagination run free. At Bonne Aventure, we believe art is more about the process than the product. We follow this same principle in all of the preschoolers’ learning. The notion of “learning by doing” offers much more tangible educational opportunities that children can engage in. Rich experiences, allowing them to actively touch, taste, smell, look and listen, cannot be equated to simple structure lessons where children are passively instructed about a given subject.


The Loft


loft1 loft2

This area is where children can come together to engage in group activities that benefit from large open spaces. It also creates opportunities for children of mixed ages to come together and learn from one another. The Loft sets the stage for wonderful performances, dance routines, relay races, yoga lessons and so much more!


Rooftop Play Space


Our vast rooftop play space is unlike any other! Your children will benefit from our gardens, cycle paths, and play spaces safeguarded with impact absorbing panels. The large size of our rooftop play space allows multiple groups of children to be outside simultaneously while engaging in a variety of gross motor activities. This gives children of different ages the opportunity to interact and play together, making the transition from one group to another smoothly.


Indoor Space


Young Toddlers