Nursery (6-18 months)



At this sensitive age, children’s development is ever-changing. Important milestones in areas such as physical development, attachment, perceptions, and emotions are achieved! Our nursery’s educators aim to assist children through this critical period by providing them with tools and support necessary to foster their independence and establish trust in others and security within their environment.

nursery4Security and attachment are the prerequisites necessary for promoting cognitive development. A large portion of our infant program is focused on reliably meeting your child’s basic needs such as feeding, changing, sleeping, and affection. Daily care activities are optimized by enjoying quality one-on-one time with each child throughout the day. These necessities are particularly important as they must be met prior to the development of physical and cognitive abilities. As such, we strive to introduce consistent routines that will be maintained throughout your child’s entire preschool experience. These well-established schedules will also provide a solid base for routine within the home.

Our infant curriculum is designed based on meeting each child’s individual needs. Our activities are planned to ensure that children learn and grow at their natural rate of development. We aim to facilitate infants’ motor skills, social-emotional capacities, and encourage their understanding of the world.

In the Bonne Aventure nursery, our 15 infants have their very own outdoor play space! Retractable awnings provide shaded areas for those hot summer days, and brand new turf provides a green space that is practical and safe for your children. Our garden offers opportunities to engage in water and sand play, gross motor activities, playing with bubbles, and so much more! A main advantage of being situated above ground level is that it gives children a chance to see the world around them from a different view. They are able to see the tops of trees, birds flying around them, and a great view of the city.

In our nursery, you can be sure that our educators will not only ensure that your child’s needs are met to their fullest, but they will also encourage your child’s independence, and support their development through planned curriculum activities. Children’s level of comfort is enhanced through warm and positive relationships between parents and teachers. Our experienced, dynamic, and loving educators are always available to provide support for new and first time parents.