Music Program


music2Music and the Brain

Young children’s brains develop at a fantastic rate. Every second, new neural pathways are being built and strengthened.  Science has historically reconfirmed that for a developing young mind, music is essential.  More recently, scientists are now demonstrating that learning to play music at an early age may have profound lifelong benefits on the brain (article link, study).

Language acquisition, and its development in children, stimulate the same areas of the brain as music.  Researchers agree that music is the precursor to language.  The rhythm, order and repetition of singing songs reinforces this language connection. In addition, communication across hemispheres of the brain is typically enhanced in musicians. The area of the brain responsible for connecting its left and right sides – the corpus callosum – is considerably larger in those individuals with past musical training.  Recently, scientists have discovered that Albert Einstein’s brain had an exceptionally large corpus callosum which, they theorized, had a profound effect on his ability to reason, imagine, and innovate.


Music School with Randy

The concept of community is paramount in our preschool, and a pillar of Randy’s renowned program is the drum circle. Each class partakes in a weekly drum circle; here we develop listening skills, build self-confidence, and learn to be patient and respectful. Oh, and we also have a lot of fun!  This group environment provides us with a community experience that is passed down from class to class via performance and mentoring. We share the experience through common rhythms derived from the rich traditions of drumming cultures around the world.


In addition to the drum circle, individual music lessons are also offered to children as young as twelve months of age. Randy’s unique approach to teaching music to young children is quite the opposite of a typical conservatory approach.  He offers an individualized program suited to each child’s likes and abilities.  From African drums, to the piano and the ukulele, children develop their budding skills and capable brains in a supportive environment. As they advance at this early age, children are introduced to music reading and writing, allowing many of them to graduate with these basic skills.

The importance of music in our children’s development cannot be understated. To capture the fullest potential of their brain’s development and acquisition of languages, and to ensure a long-lasting and healthy brain throughout their life, music is key at their early age. Thanks to Randy’s Music School, we at Bonne Aventure are very fortunate and proud to be able to offer our little ones this one-of-a-kind program!