Food for Thought


We are equipped with a full kitchen to ensure a high-quality, healthy lunch and snack service. Our open-concept design allows children to observe food preparation regularly and invites them to participate in planning meals and monthly cooking lessons.

foodforthought1Meal Time
The approaches to learning that children adopt early on will endure well beyond their school years. This is also true with respect to their eating and sleeping habits. Meal time offers opportunities to practice important skills such as eating with utensils, learning valuable table manners, and understanding the importance of healthy eating habits.
Children actively participate in setting the table and cleaning up after each meal, promoting self-confidence and assertion.
A healthy, well-balanced diet is essential for children, and ensures that their bodies have everything necessary to grow and develop properly. High-quality produce is an essential component of each meal. Whenever possible, whole grain products and a variety of lean meats are selected for our meals. The consumption of processed foods is limited by offering homemade meals and preparing dishes without preservatives. We take the time to plan menus in accordance with Canada’s food guide. Overall, our meals are planned to deliver the highest quality of food, a wide variety of flavours and a fun presentation that children will just eat right up!

Allergies and Food Restrictions

In order to maximize the safety of children with severe allergies, all nuts are strictly prohibited in the daycare. In addition, food from home is also not permitted. We thank you for your understanding.

We welcome parents to discuss their child’s specific dietary needs with our chef and administration. Careful consideration is taken when addressing allergies and food restrictions.


Meet our friendly kitchen staff
Our all-mom kitchen crew is devoted to the health, safety, and comfort of all those who enter the school.  They ensure that nutritious meals, snacks and purees are prepared daily – in accordance with MAPAQ standards and guidelines.  Their commitment to full bellies and big smiles makes cafeteria time at school yet another great adventure!







Chef Dominique:

“In our kitchen, the secret ingredient is always love… and apple sauce” 😉


ClaireCafeteria Claire:

“I come for the children, but I stay for the clean-up” 😉










Lunchlady Danielle:

“Our portions are always generous, and rich in bunly goodness” 😉



Birthday cupcakes!