An Educational Program with a Complete Curriculum


At Bonne Aventure Preschool, our curriculum is based on Accueillir la petite enfance, an educational program developed by the Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés.


Educational Program

Our program centers around four basic principles:



Our preschool offers educators a complete curriculum including clearly defined monthly themes, organized daily schedules, sample lesson plans and activities intended to guide learning objectives throughout the year. At the same time, our experienced educators have the flexibility and autonomy necessary to recognize the interests of their group and adapt activities based on children’s preferences and level of development.

Through our bilingual program, educators introduce children to learning opportunities in English and in French. Children are encouraged to practice their second language throughout daily activities and games, in an effort to make this learning fun and practical.

To complete the curriculum, our child-centered approach features programs for infants, toddlers and preschool-aged children. It basically aims to allow children to make choices and connections among ideas promoting communication. It gives children the freedom to think, explore, experience, question, and ultimately search for answers. This approach encourages creativity in children (through works of art, structures, etc.) without the restrictions that instruction guides or worksheets impose.

Our unique approach allows teachers to observe how play develops as opposed to directing play, ultimately encouraging children to become more creative and enhancing communication skills with one another.


Global Development of the Child

There are 5 dimensions of children’s development that are interconnected and steadily progress as the child develops: physical, social-emotional, moral, cognitive, and language.